Bonding Process

Step 1: Call 830-203-1667
Providing us with the following information can speed up the process:
*Inmate’s full name and date of Birth.
*Signor’s contact information – if this is not you, we may need to speak with them prior to approving the bond.

Step 2: Documents
Our Professional Agent will give you a list of required documents to bring with you. Please write these items down so the release time is not delayed.

Step 3: Meet Agent
​*Pay bonding fee.
*Provide required documentation.
*Fill out necessary paperwork.

Step 4: Release
Wait for inmate’s release. The time can vary greatly depending upon uncontrollable factors such as the inmate’s charges (hold times), jail events (feeding times), and/or how many inmates are currently being processed. Please be patient as the jail adheres only to it’s own time schedule.

Step 5: Bondee Process
Immediately upon release, the Bondee must meet with our Professional Agent to finalize paperwork, be informed of rules and check-in requirements, and complete the bonding process. Failure to do this, can result in immediate forfeiture.

Step 6: Check-ins
The Bondee must do the following:
​*Check-in every Tuesday until case/s are fully disposed. Verify that your case is disposed with office during normal business hours.
​*Update All Freedom Bail Bonds immediately after each court appearance and provide copies of documents received.

Step 7: Bond Release
Once the Bondee has completely finished their case, he/she must provide documentation of the disposal, sentencing, dismissal, etc. to one of our Professional Agents as required. The easiest way to do this is to provide All Freedom Bail Bonds with a copy of the document he/she was given during court.

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